Recording studios

For creating the right balance in the recording studio when laying down drums, or cranking your guitar amp, there is no better absorption balance that can be achieved than Mafia Panels. Combine our 50mm Panels with our Bass Traps which are 100mm and you'll be able to get a wider range of absorption and control. Our reviews back this up! Forget foam, it just isn't good enough. For effective sound absorption; Mafia panels are the way to go. 

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​Our 50mm Panels can transform your office/ customer service centres to ensure you have a more productive working environment for your staff. These panels also help with clarity on phones when speaking with customers, speech intelligibility is increased which makes for a more satisfied customer. They bring character to the room whilst increasing privacy for staff and customers.  

Our Promise

We take great pride in our product, starting from humble beginnings we have built Mafia Panels from the ground up investing our own money into the business ensuring that the very best care and attention goes into each panel. Our passion is to provide affordable, professional quality panels which make a real difference to your room. We personally were in dire need of acoustic control and struggled to find affordability and quality. We are confident you will be pleased with the quality of your purchase. 

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