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Customer Feedback

“Hey guys! I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your excellent work on the panels, which all arrived last week looking fantastic.  They're not on the walls just yet, but soon will be.  You guys have done a great job.  The end product is great, and the whole process from start to finish was exceptional…”

“Well...I finally got round to getting the panels up and I have to say, they work great.  I no longer feel as though I'm mixing in an empty oil drum!  You do amazing work!  Can't thank you enough.”  


-Small Paul 


“Hey mate , all good thanks ! We’ve had no more complaints at all about the sound !!! It’s a million times better thanks !!!thanks again.”


“Navara Restaurant” - Nottingham 




“Excellent service is hard to come by, very much appreciated! I have to say - I have seen panels in commercial studios by Gik, RealTraps and others and yours are just as good 

Desk finally done and panels mounted!! Looks great and sounds even better!!!”






“These are amazing! I'm really pleasantly surprised how much of a difference three of the panels have made to a small room. I now need to change all of my Mic processing settings, as I'd always set them up to compensate for the less-than-ideal room sound.”




“It sounds amazing. The difference is night and day I tell you!These panels are dope, they've really made a big difference and i've been spreading the word for you as well.”


-Oliver - Oliver Shillito Productions 

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